virtual 3D models - gum blossoms artwork

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Original 3D gum tree models by Di Mathews. 
These gum blossoms don't physically exist. The image is created from a model sculpted in 3D virtual space. Points and changes of plane surfaces are plotted on x,y,z axis within the computer to construct the 3 dimensional representation (seen on the right). These virtual planes are then mapped and textured within the computer to create a 3D model similar to what you see in computer games and animations. Different surface qualities such as reflectiveness and transparency are assigned to the planes of the model and light sources are directed at the item or still-life in a similar way to lighting used in traditional photography. A clever type of software called a rendering package is used to mathematically calculate the shadows, highlights and reflections of the proposed image and the results are as you see in the example on the left....

3D digital bugs

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3D virtual models by Di Mathews
These are some of my bug models and textures. They are created in 3D virtual space. The line drawing on the left shows the sculpted model and the colourful variations on the right show morphed variations with different textures applied. Each of the examples are based on insects from my local area. They are technically "Bugs" rather than beetles because they have a proboscis rather than movable jaw.