Cicada Illustrations

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"Cherry Nose Cicada" and "Empty Nymphal Case" are two illustrations by Australian contemporary artist Di Mathews (aka: Diavma) Copyright Hexagonal Mandala Australia. Both images are hand painted using a pressure sensitive pen and digital drawing tablet and are presented on 30x42cm = 12x16inch museum quality artist paper.

There are approximately 200 species of cicada in Australia. Cicadas are harmless sap suckers who are famous for their loud shrilling song. They lay eggs within slits that they create in twigs and branches of trees. When the eggs hatch the nymphs fall to the ground and burrows down among the roots. Some species stay underground for up to 17 years before emerging to shed its nymphal case. Once shed it is an adult with wings. An adult lives for only a week or two. Although they are particularly large insects, they are often unseen, positioning themselves high in trees. Their empty larval cases are often seen around lower parts of trees and ground and are often collected by children. This is an illustration of a vacant nymphal case. They are empty, brittle shells with a slight transparency.

This particular cherry-nose cicada is the first live cicada I had encountered. Attracted by our light it flew in from the dark of night. The portrait of this cicada shows its beautiful wing still ruffled from its abrupt landing, usually the wings fold down neatly when not in flight. My children and I observed his huge size and colourful markings in amazement. We weren’t even sure what type of insect it was at first because we had not seen a live cicada previously and because it did not look like the empty cicada shells we were so used to. This presented an opportunity to research. Since then we have been lucky enough to also record other live cicada species in this area.


Owl Eyes

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Owl Eyes By Hexagonal Mandala 2009


Urban Tree Of Life - mandala

My newest image, completed today.
Titled "Urban Tree Of Life - Mandala",
by contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews.
Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2009.

The image shows a tree of life, whose branches and roots take on a Celtic knotted design which protectively encircling the bird. Knots are symbolic of linked connection to protective powers and their woven tangles are inspired by the idea of co-dependence in maintaining healthy eco-systems. This is further emphasised with the introduction of different insect forms within a small area. The choice of wildlife depicted represents the typical urban backyard, a place where you can encourage a bit of your own wildlife. A bird features as the central character. Birds are often associated with heavenly beings, representing the grace, beauty and freedom that many find unobtainable, while symbolising an emotional and spiritual goal. The interesting choice of black bird or raven is shown because it is often symbolic of death, a reminder that within this small urban confine that YOU have a responsibility. At the top is the day and night while at the bottom the land displays fertile and barren.


Skink Lizard

This Skink Lizard Artwork / illustration is an original digital painting by Contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews. It is available for sale as a print on museum quality paper.

The lizard is an Australian species from my backyard. It is about a foot (30cm long) and often bakes itself in the warmth of the sun. This particular skink has a favourite route. At certain times of the day it runs from one side of the cement verandah to the other. Often this routine lines up with my husband standing in the way. They have a ritual where the lizard will run out and stop about 12 cm from my husbands feet, then it will tilt its head to look up at him and wait for him to move. Husband takes a step backward and the lizard continues its dash to the other side of the path... Until one day when the lizard forgot to check and came running full speed out from the leaves and ran smack-bang into husbands foot. He tilt its head to look up at him as if to say "why didn't you move?" then continued to run right over the top of both of his feet. Another time the lizard forgot to check his route he ran smack-bang into a turtle dove, it was hard to tell which jumped the most in fright.


Antique Camera Still Life

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This is a realistic still life artwork by Di Mathews, Created in the memory of Darrell Claude Avery. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2005.

I grew up as the proud daughter of a freelance wedding photographer. My dad's main employment was as a coal miner, grotty and not very glamorous, but when preened and formally attired, armed with amazing gadgets my father could make peoples precious memories materialise. As a child this seemed glamorous and mysterious.

After he died I inherited these items, whose magic I was able to resurrect throughout the years of art school that followed. This image is a celebration of that era. A nostalgic look at the past and recreation of the elegance of equipment. All of the items featured in this artwork are sculpted by myself in virtual 3D space and are based on existing physical items.

Youthful memories of shutters and flash,
Red lit chemicals glimmer.
Enlarger looming over magical images,
While dangling film strips shimmer.

Captured love of marriage,
precious moments of youth,
cherished flowers in the garden
and immortalised snippets of truth.


Bird Art - Galah Parrots

(click image to see larger version).
This is a 12x16 inch Australian native bird illustration by Hexagonal Mandala. Art and text - Copyright 2009.

Australian backyards are hosts to many amazing native and introduced bird species. I am lucky enough to have a few natives that frequent my yard and neighbourhood. This image is from a series of paintings which explores species observed at or near my home in the Hunter Valley on the eastern coast of Australia. This is a scene of Galahs, (Scientific name: Eolophus roseicapillus), where the morning sunlight illuminates the foliage below and signals the start to another glorious day. Galahs are easy to identify because of their colouring and they are one of the most common and widespread cockatoos in Australia. The large trees near my home often host a small handful of these birds, and often they will be seen rummaging through grass in search of a feed. Galahs are usually considered as exhibiting bold and loud behaviour and therefore to be referred to as a "Galah" in Australian slang suggests that your behaviour is perceived as that of a 'fool' or 'idiot'.


Bird Art - Carolina Wrens

These two Carolina wren artworks are by Di Mathews (Diavma). Copyright Hexagonal Mandala Australia 2009.
Both paintings measure approx 12 x 16 inches, on 250gm archival paper.
Carolina wren among dogwood flowers. The pretty songbird is the "State Bird" of South Carolina.
While the dogwood, a blossom that blooms profusely in spring, is North Carolinas "State Flower".

The Carolina Wren, Thryothorus ludovicianus, is one of the larger and more richly coloured wrens from the United States. The wren is mostly chestnut brown with butterscotch bellies and a bold white eyebrow and throat. The patterning of its wings and tail make it a wonderful species to paint. The male of the species is a well known song bird, whose song vary regionally. Males and females look alike with the male being slightly larger.


The Gestalt Mandalas

This is a series of artwork created in 2006 by the Australian Contemporary Artist Bob Mathews. The images are original, hand drawn & digitally manipulated multimedia fine art images, printed by the artist. The images and their text are subject to copyright laws. Copyright of images and text belongs at all times to RB & DA Mathews Soft Solution- Hexagonal Mandala 2006 - All rights reserved. These works are available for purchase approx size = 11.5x11.5inch (27x27cm) on museum quality 100% cotton paper, each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity which incorporates an artist statement.

Series Title: The Gestalt Mandalas

Series Statement: This small series of six mandalas represents a mystic appreciation of the totality of the cosmos and our true place and therefore tries to give an answer to the "meaning of life". An answer that involves Christian concepts of God and Grace. Jungian concepts of Mind and Symbol. Quantum Mechanic concepts of physical reality. Cosmology concepts of Creation. Chaos Theory concepts of structure and effect. Taoist concepts of Energy and Change. Finally my own concepts of triangular relationships expressed in the name Hexagonal Mandala

The term Gestalt is intended to mean a synthesis of separate elements of Emotion, Experience and Knowledge that constitute more than the sum of the parts. A mandala is a circle, whose archetypal symbolism, in creation, becomes spiritual and sacred. What Jung called Archetypal Symbols of Transformation. Thus in part through execution, or contemplation, of mandalas the individual can find or balance their true sacred self and therefore their correct place in relation to the Universe. Thus leading to rebirth and therefore Healing.

While Science, Religion and Psychology are referenced constantly in this series of images I am not practicing any of these disciplines but rather the craft of the fine artist. Still it is my deeply felt hope to create Symbols of Healing. Images that will act as empowering conduits for individual growth & healing in this crazy world.

Art Work Title: "Change" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Cosmologists would claim Creation started with a Big Bang. That the entire nature and history of the universe was written in less than a second. Taoist philosophy states that all that exists consists of Linked Energy that is involved in constant Cycles of Change that creates Fluid Balances. Chaos Theory deals with absolutely simple maths that produces relationships of enormous complexity. Also referenced is the concept of many complex arrays of triangular relationships involved in these processes. One example of which physicists call the "Three Body Problem". While this image is about creation, more so it is about the on going processes that creation set in motion. So it tries to express the total wonder at the magnificence of Creation and the changing, evolving inter-relatedness of all aspects.

Heat, Birth, Expansion:
 Infinite Complexity 
Deep Simplicity

Art Work Title: "Reality" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: This image explores visually the real nature of physical reality at the atomic level. The solar system model of the atom as hard little particles orbiting around a central collection of larger particles is only a convenience that does not truly reflect reality. Closer to actuality is the concept that atoms are constructed of Forces and Fields. That the atom is a collection of standing waves of energy called Electrons surrounding trios of entities called Quarks whose interaction creates Protons and Neutrons. The action of Quarks is a fundamental Triangular Relationship. So physical reality is in fact a seething, bubbling, changing and rearranging mass of energy. More than that it is thought that the very vacuum of space is constantly bubbling with created and destroyed energy particles. So the true nature of physical reality is strange and wondrous indeed.

The search is on for a unified field theory which is hoped with bring the theories of quantum mechanics and the theories of relativity under the umbrella of a single set of equations. It is my belief that in the direction of, and beyond, a unified field theory is the all pervading creative power of God.
This Divine Energy I call the Sea of Grace.

Below Sensate Ken 
Beyond Mystic Discernment: 
Meta Perception

Art Work Title: "Rebirth" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Death is equivalent to Birth. Birth is equivalent to Death. So for the individual to grow or heal some aspect of self must be let go or let die. This process happens throughout life. The child dies at puberty so that the developing youth can emerge. Some aspects of both individuals must be sacrificed to create a successful marriage. Where two become one flesh. It is only with a genuine desire of great integrity that, though the universal power of Grace, can aspects of the Ego die so that the individual can be reborn to reflect the True Sacred Self. Thus to also find growth or healing where the need is dire.

Winters Cold Grasp Ends: 
Joyous Rapture, Life Renews 
Grace Fulfills Circle

Art Work Title: "Presence" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Anyone who is open and sensitive to the deeper undercurrents of life should have at least a dim awareness of the continuous Presence of the Divine. There are, at least for me, rare moments where experience transcends awareness to become an all enveloping spiritual relatedness.
A period of overwhelming joy.

Quiet Reflection: 
Bathed in Fire, Flow Gentle Waves 
of Awesome Power

Art Work Title: "Journey" (click on image to enlarge)
Artist Statement: In this mandala the Dragon is most definitely intended to be ambiguous. On the one hand the Dragon Symbol can represent the challenge of facing up to evil. It can symbolise difficulties that must be over come to obtain a desired treasure of great value. Also the Dragon is Symbolically the source of messages from heaven. It can bring good fortune and frighten away demons. So the journey of life is full of confrontation with many styles of Dragon. The journey of life is also traversing the labyrinth with many surprises and dangers. Of not knowing what is around the next bend. The Labyrinth Symbolises both the discovery of ones hidden spiritual centre and the ascent from darkness to light. The Journey always is a challenge to accept all opportunities to learn and grow.

Travel in Hope, Faith
 Strive, Stumble, Fall, Always Grow: 
Tempered Spirit

Art Work Title: "Balance" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Carl G Jung believed that most people were not completely self realised. That some aspects of their personality were emphasised and other aspects ignored or hidden. That the first step for a man to be balanced and complete was to acknowledge his feminine aspect and the reverse for a woman. That with effort an individual could become conscious of their true self. It is my belief that a spiritual transformation is also necessary. That to place yourself as the centre of the universe can lead to great mischief. Therefore an acknowledgement of the individuals relationship with the Divine, and so his correct place, is of absolute necessity for the true self to also become sacred. Thus a fully effective human being. Find who you are and live in acceptance of this. Find your inner balance. Find your correct place in the universe.

Humble and Transformed 
Aware, Committed, Willing: 
True Sacred Self Stands

Robert Bruce Mathews (1956 - 2014)
Bob's dream was to help heal the pain he saw in the world,
and he hoped to do this through his Art.
These images along with artist statements and
certificate of authenticity are available for purchase.
They are presented on 240gm, high quality, archival, artist paper.
Price includes Postage WITHIN Australia.
Overseas airmail (other than to Australia) MUST also pay 
the additional $10 postal fee below.
Choose required artwork title with the pull-down menu below.

Art by Robert Mathews (Bob)


Praying Mantis Sketch

This is a quick sketch of a praying mantid. It was created in memory of Phylis, a mantid that George & Carla had the honor of looking after. Saddly Phylis died after laying her egg cases. With luck George will be blessed with heaps of mini phylis's soon.
This image isn't of Phylis (from the USA), It is one of the mantids from my own yard in Australia. It is because of a painting I previously did of this mantid that George introduced himself and shared his excitement about Phylis. So I thought it a fitting gesture to create another small image of my mantid.


frog -metaphor

left click image to see it larger.
I finished my "I Hear Voices" image yesterday. This is the latest contemporary painting / artwork by Hexagonal Mandala. The size is approx 12x16 inches on archival artist paper. My winged frog takes its place among a lush garden. I am pleased with the results of reds and greens working so well. The original poetry will accompany the image in the form of a printed artist statement. The original poem and explaination is on my previous upload.


Winged Frog

My newest painting titled "I Hear Voices". This is a hand-painted digital artwork, copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2009. It is based on an original poem I wrote about two variations of song for healing & prayer. It unites the deep earthy, soothing vibrations of the shaman with the melodious, angelic breath of the priest.

The frog is known for its metamorphic ability and is a symbol of adaptability and change. It is a creature sensitive to the poisons in its environment. The wings are associated with flight and are a symbol of our connection to the heavens, of the human soul.

I often paint nature illustrations of frogs and birds, usually in a hope that they will inspire people to look around them and appreciate the fragility and beauty of nature. In this image the morphed character serves as three different metaphors.

* The artist self portrait. Where her life is seen as constant growth and change, morphing from timid child, to rebellious teen, to passionate artist, then wife & lover, to mother and carer. I see a new change soon as I'm getting older and my children are now in their teens. The wings have always appeared throughout the past 20 years in my self portraits. Originally they appeared in my art as an unobtainable hope of escapism. They still represent a potential freedom, but have changed in nature over the years.

* The Shaman and Priest are represented using the frog and wings. An easy association.

* The frog because of its sensitivity to toxics and its threat of extinction can be associated with mankind itself and the effects of sin that poison our lives. The wings represent our soul, the non perishing aspect of our selves. The wings have an association with freedom, escape and hope.

guttural vibrations
resonating through human flesh,
enveloping & soothing the soul
binding the wounds of life.
personification of angel breath
lowers protective shields,
washing over tainted senses
in a promise of acceptance.


surreal images

These surreal artworks were created by Hexagonal Mandala 2009. as part of a theme challenge titled "Look into my eyes". They are a liitle different to my usual genre of wildlife and nature, but are still based on organic life, even if it is a sureal. The images were created through 3D digital sculpting, the models used are my own creation. They were a fun creative exercise, and each of the resulting images are available as 16x12inch prints on arcival artist paper. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

Frog & Spider Drawings

I just posted these 2 off to their buyer in USA. They are fun little sketches. The spider was created for an online challenge called "look into my eyes". Both images was done in coloured pencil.


Frog Mandala Tessellation

This is a delightfully whimsical frog composition by Hexagonal Mandala, where the frogs are presented in a Mandala circle, whose archetypical symbolism, in creation, becomes spiritual and sacred.

The frogs appearing in this mandala are different shapes and sizes which fit together perfectly with each individual adapting to their surrounds and becoming part of a larger sense of order and existence. With their organic ochres and earthy colours they create an aura of calm natural harmony. The image is a reminder to you of your own personal strength and ability to change and grow with life experiences, and of the existence of your own creativity and power of adaptation to overcome difficulties. It is also an image that reminds you of the fragility of the planet and the wonder and magic of its creation, a reminder to find and enjoy the beauty of what surrounds you.

In the mythology of many cultures frogs are linked to cleansing, healing and creative powers. Their metamorphosis from tadpole to frog is often used to symbolise the awakening of ones creativity and recognising one's own power of adaptation. Frogs are naturally symbols of a peaceful, harmonious coexistence and interdependence with nature. Frogs because of this sensitivity serve as a strong lesson about our own interdependence within a fragile eco-system. Teaching a connection with the earth and everything on it.

Copyright of both mage and text belongs to Hexagonal Mandala Australia 2009. This image is available for sale as a print on high quality artist paper.


3D Botanical studies

Digital illustrations of botanical species by Hexagonal Mandala. Both of these images were creates from original 3D virtual sculpted models. I create each model directly into the computer based on live specimens from my garden. These are 2 from a series of 12 images. They show a coleus flower and geranium. Each image is printed on 11.5 x 16.5 inch high quality artist paper. If you wish to purchase from this series email me to view the set in its entirety. In each of these images the asymmetric composition is reminiscent of Japanese prints, creates a lively visual aesthetic. These images are clean and fresh like the nature illustrations of the 19th century. The open spaces of clean, fresh colour surrounding them creating a calm atmosphere.

Blue Fairy Wren Bird

This is a portrait by Hexagonal Mandala of an Australian male and female superb blue fairy wren (Scientific Name: Malurus cyaneus), which is also known as a Mormon wren, Gould’s blue wren and a long tailed superb warbler. The male in breeding plumage is easily recognised with his beautiful blue colour. Non-breeding males, females and juveniles are predominantly grey-brown, but females can be identified with a brown rather than black beak. I have a breeding male and 3 or 4 females or juveniles that regularly frequent my backyard. Often seen flitting around the tadpole pond, their lively hops and bounces are intriguing to watch. At the time of creating this image I have a pair that are showing great interest in a thick tangle of vines in our yard, this is the perfect area for nesting. During the day the female’s "peeet-peeet" sounds can be heard as her male franticly flitters close by. This Australian wildlife image is an original Hexagonal Mandala fine art, digital illustration approx 11x16 inch on high quality artist paper.


Miniature Drawings - SOLD

6 examples of little miniature art images (ACEO collector card size), that have sold before I had the chance to show them here. The top 4 are created using an ink pen, the bird chicks are using graphite. Quick fun sketches.

Snake drawing -ACEO

Not the type of creatures Ive voluntarily set out to locate in the wild so I decided to use book references for this picture.
Ive encountered a few snakes locally and they make me nervous.

The last snake that I came across was during our floods and I unknowingly got between it and the safety of the long grass.
I turned around when my son yelled at me, to see a black snake strike at my heal, luckily it just grazed my shoe.

The snake in this image is native to northern Queensland Australia and it is a constrictor rather than poisonous.

Now being a large lady, I guess the size of a constrictor that takes me down would need to be equivalent to those that horror movies are made of. But just the same Im happy to make lots of room for the tiniest of slitherers to pass by.

Image is Copyright RB & DA Mathews Soft Solutions - Hexagonal Mandala 2009.


Asiatic Moon Bear Portrait

This is an unusual image for me to create in that it is not a species native to my country nor one that I was familiar with.

It was created with the prompting of a customer whose passion lied in the right of asiatic bears.

The scientific name of the Asiatic Black Bear is Selenarctos thibetanus or Ursus thibetanus, meaning "moon bear of Tibet". It is also called a Tibetan black bear or a Himalayan black bear.

The bear's conservation status is considered threatened mainly by deforestation and habitat loss. This nocturnal omnivore became unpopular with farmers because he is a threat to livestock and has a habit of stripping bark from valuable timber trees, and locals fear his aggression in the wild. They were hunted for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Until the 1980s, when China outlawed the practice. Now bear bile is supplied to the industry by special farms. These farming practices are currently debated as cruel and inhumane because synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid is just as medicinally effective and cheaper.

This artwork shows an Asiatic bear free to roll in the grass. His soft, clean fur gleaming in the light while his innocent, youthful eyes create a romantic portrayal of the species.

Presented as an 11x16 inch image on high quality artist paper. Copyright belongs to Hexagonal Mandala.


Celtic Knot Patterns

What does an artist do as a break from making art??
I've been working on creating cross stitch patterns...
This is the 9th set in a series.

Why Celtic knots? what a silly question. It is fascinating to weave the threads under and over to create intricate patterns.

I have adverts for my designs at:
Celtic Cross Stitch Link


FROG - ACEO ink sketches

A few drawings from today. These frogs are created with black gel-pen on parchment card. They are ACEO size (art collector / swap cards 2.5x3.5inch). They show 4 different species of frog.

If you had to choose one which would it be???
Sometimes when I sell an artwork I ask the buyer why they chose it and the answers are always fascinating, usually to do with a personal association with the creature that the image portrays. I believe what makes the best art is portraying what the artist has personal experience of and a connection with, whether that is a creature, a scene, an emotion, or a philosophy. Art is a visual language and while these spontaneous, light hearted little sketches are not pretending to be great masterpieces but rather little comments on environmental awareness .


Bug ACEO insect

Bugs and beetles have different anatomy. A true bug has a proboscis for sucking sap or blood whereas a beetle has a jaw for biting. This is a bug found in the vine in my back yard in NSW on the east coast of Australia. I think it is what is called an Orange-bronze bug. This image is only small, printed as a miniature 2.5x3.5 inch artist card. It was created digitally by painting with a pressure sensitive electronic pen directly onto a computer. The colours are applied to a dark surface allowing the base colour to show around each section to create a similar feeling to a traditional hand coloured block print. Im enjoying creating these miniature artworks featuring larger than life creatures, little glimpses at a macro world that surrounds us everyday.


giant FLY - miniature ART

...Left click image to see full size...

"Why on earth is she painting flies?"
"If you've seen one fly you've seen them all!"
I read somewhere that there are hundreds of species of flies. I have personally noticed that the more you look the more colours and varieties you start to see. The little black house flies as art subjects do get a bit boring but if you go out into the long grass in summer you can find some pretty metallic colours. Aussie native flies don't like to come indoors, from what I've read they are the ones that go crazy at the windows trying to get back outside. Flies are an important ingredient in the ecology food chain, and I reckon they make pretty impressive miniature art works. These are all ACEO's (Art Collector Cards measuring 2.5x3.5 inches). Hhhhmmm can you still refer to them as miniature when the subject matter is actually painted a few hundred times larger than the physical object.

Baby Guinea Pigs

...Left click images to view full size...

Calysta and Pippy had 3 babies last night.
I guess Im gonna have to make a few guinea pig artworks.


Cassowary - Ink drawing

Don't ya just love cassowaries.

Huge birds that look like they belong in the dinosaur age, running around at the bottom of the rainforests. They also make me think of the Pachycephalosaurus because of their amazing crown. I also think of the animated movie 'Fern Gulley' when I think of the cassowary.

This is my tiny ACEO drawing of one. My daughter saw it and said it is the first time she has seen a cassowary look pretty. If you've never heard of them before look them up, an interesting species...


FROG - Tutorial

...Left click image to enlarge it...

This is not really a tutorial but rather a selection of screen shots of the image at different stages of completion. The image is created digitally by drawing/painting directly onto a computer with a pressure sensitive pen and digital drawing tablet. Although it is using a relatively new art media it has still been approached in a traditional manner. This is one of the many frogs that frequent my back yard. I love the pose, how he's energy is all coiled-up ready to spring.


Frog - Miniature Ink Drawings

Occasionally it is nice to revert back to pen and paper drawings. These are two out of a handful of drawings I did tonight.

They show two of the frogs that frequent my yard. The first is an Australian green tree frog on the fence, the other is a common brown tree frog on a bamboo wind chime that hangs outside among the vines. This is a favourite feeding spot as the chime is positioned under a fluorescent light that attracts insect.

The drawings are only small ACEO size, which are the size of baseball trading cards 3.5 x 2.5 inches each. The drawings are similarly styled to how I used to create lino prints, perhaps they will eventually be the beginnings of larger works. I enjoy line work and the challenges it presents. I'm thinking that a larger scale and adding colour could create some lovely bold results.

But for now they are tiny initial sketches and I will be selling them as original art collector cards on eBay as soon as I get around to uploading them.


Cameo Art

A little side-step from my usual animal themed art. I created a cameo. It is presented as a postcard size image on high quality artist paper and will be sold with an 8x10 inch mount ready for framing.


Spider Art - Wolf Spider in Progress

This is a portrait of a Wolf Spider. His patterns and colours allowing him to camouflage into his natural environment. Often a large spider it is not considered dangerous to man. It is one of the most common species of spider.

This nature artwork is available through Hexagonal Mandala. It was created as a digital art work, produced directly onto a computer using a pressure sensitive pen and digital drawing tablet. The finished art is sold as an A3 archival print on high quality artist paper. It is a lovely example of Contemporary Art and Australian Wildlife Portraiture.

The techniques for creating this using a digital media were similar to those of using more traditional materials. The drawing's detail was gradually built-up by layering scribbles of colour and tonal variations to produce a detailed surface texture.

I have uploaded a few images that were saved during the making of the wolf spider to show its development. Perhaps you will find them interesting.

Left click the image below to see it full size.