Antique Camera Still Life

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This is a realistic still life artwork by Di Mathews, Created in the memory of Darrell Claude Avery. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2005.

I grew up as the proud daughter of a freelance wedding photographer. My dad's main employment was as a coal miner, grotty and not very glamorous, but when preened and formally attired, armed with amazing gadgets my father could make peoples precious memories materialise. As a child this seemed glamorous and mysterious.

After he died I inherited these items, whose magic I was able to resurrect throughout the years of art school that followed. This image is a celebration of that era. A nostalgic look at the past and recreation of the elegance of equipment. All of the items featured in this artwork are sculpted by myself in virtual 3D space and are based on existing physical items.

Youthful memories of shutters and flash,
Red lit chemicals glimmer.
Enlarger looming over magical images,
While dangling film strips shimmer.

Captured love of marriage,
precious moments of youth,
cherished flowers in the garden
and immortalised snippets of truth.

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