Skink Lizard

This Skink Lizard Artwork / illustration is an original digital painting by Contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews. It is available for sale as a print on museum quality paper.

The lizard is an Australian species from my backyard. It is about a foot (30cm long) and often bakes itself in the warmth of the sun. This particular skink has a favourite route. At certain times of the day it runs from one side of the cement verandah to the other. Often this routine lines up with my husband standing in the way. They have a ritual where the lizard will run out and stop about 12 cm from my husbands feet, then it will tilt its head to look up at him and wait for him to move. Husband takes a step backward and the lizard continues its dash to the other side of the path... Until one day when the lizard forgot to check and came running full speed out from the leaves and ran smack-bang into husbands foot. He tilt its head to look up at him as if to say "why didn't you move?" then continued to run right over the top of both of his feet. Another time the lizard forgot to check his route he ran smack-bang into a turtle dove, it was hard to tell which jumped the most in fright.

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