The Gestalt Mandalas

This is a series of artwork created in 2006 by the Australian Contemporary Artist Bob Mathews. The images are original, hand drawn & digitally manipulated multimedia fine art images, printed by the artist. The images and their text are subject to copyright laws. Copyright of images and text belongs at all times to RB & DA Mathews Soft Solution- Hexagonal Mandala 2006 - All rights reserved. These works are available for purchase approx size = 11.5x11.5inch (27x27cm) on museum quality 100% cotton paper, each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity which incorporates an artist statement.

Series Title: The Gestalt Mandalas

Series Statement: This small series of six mandalas represents a mystic appreciation of the totality of the cosmos and our true place and therefore tries to give an answer to the "meaning of life". An answer that involves Christian concepts of God and Grace. Jungian concepts of Mind and Symbol. Quantum Mechanic concepts of physical reality. Cosmology concepts of Creation. Chaos Theory concepts of structure and effect. Taoist concepts of Energy and Change. Finally my own concepts of triangular relationships expressed in the name Hexagonal Mandala

The term Gestalt is intended to mean a synthesis of separate elements of Emotion, Experience and Knowledge that constitute more than the sum of the parts. A mandala is a circle, whose archetypal symbolism, in creation, becomes spiritual and sacred. What Jung called Archetypal Symbols of Transformation. Thus in part through execution, or contemplation, of mandalas the individual can find or balance their true sacred self and therefore their correct place in relation to the Universe. Thus leading to rebirth and therefore Healing.

While Science, Religion and Psychology are referenced constantly in this series of images I am not practicing any of these disciplines but rather the craft of the fine artist. Still it is my deeply felt hope to create Symbols of Healing. Images that will act as empowering conduits for individual growth & healing in this crazy world.

Art Work Title: "Change" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Cosmologists would claim Creation started with a Big Bang. That the entire nature and history of the universe was written in less than a second. Taoist philosophy states that all that exists consists of Linked Energy that is involved in constant Cycles of Change that creates Fluid Balances. Chaos Theory deals with absolutely simple maths that produces relationships of enormous complexity. Also referenced is the concept of many complex arrays of triangular relationships involved in these processes. One example of which physicists call the "Three Body Problem". While this image is about creation, more so it is about the on going processes that creation set in motion. So it tries to express the total wonder at the magnificence of Creation and the changing, evolving inter-relatedness of all aspects.

Heat, Birth, Expansion:
 Infinite Complexity 
Deep Simplicity

Art Work Title: "Reality" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: This image explores visually the real nature of physical reality at the atomic level. The solar system model of the atom as hard little particles orbiting around a central collection of larger particles is only a convenience that does not truly reflect reality. Closer to actuality is the concept that atoms are constructed of Forces and Fields. That the atom is a collection of standing waves of energy called Electrons surrounding trios of entities called Quarks whose interaction creates Protons and Neutrons. The action of Quarks is a fundamental Triangular Relationship. So physical reality is in fact a seething, bubbling, changing and rearranging mass of energy. More than that it is thought that the very vacuum of space is constantly bubbling with created and destroyed energy particles. So the true nature of physical reality is strange and wondrous indeed.

The search is on for a unified field theory which is hoped with bring the theories of quantum mechanics and the theories of relativity under the umbrella of a single set of equations. It is my belief that in the direction of, and beyond, a unified field theory is the all pervading creative power of God.
This Divine Energy I call the Sea of Grace.

Below Sensate Ken 
Beyond Mystic Discernment: 
Meta Perception

Art Work Title: "Rebirth" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Death is equivalent to Birth. Birth is equivalent to Death. So for the individual to grow or heal some aspect of self must be let go or let die. This process happens throughout life. The child dies at puberty so that the developing youth can emerge. Some aspects of both individuals must be sacrificed to create a successful marriage. Where two become one flesh. It is only with a genuine desire of great integrity that, though the universal power of Grace, can aspects of the Ego die so that the individual can be reborn to reflect the True Sacred Self. Thus to also find growth or healing where the need is dire.

Winters Cold Grasp Ends: 
Joyous Rapture, Life Renews 
Grace Fulfills Circle

Art Work Title: "Presence" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Anyone who is open and sensitive to the deeper undercurrents of life should have at least a dim awareness of the continuous Presence of the Divine. There are, at least for me, rare moments where experience transcends awareness to become an all enveloping spiritual relatedness.
A period of overwhelming joy.

Quiet Reflection: 
Bathed in Fire, Flow Gentle Waves 
of Awesome Power

Art Work Title: "Journey" (click on image to enlarge)
Artist Statement: In this mandala the Dragon is most definitely intended to be ambiguous. On the one hand the Dragon Symbol can represent the challenge of facing up to evil. It can symbolise difficulties that must be over come to obtain a desired treasure of great value. Also the Dragon is Symbolically the source of messages from heaven. It can bring good fortune and frighten away demons. So the journey of life is full of confrontation with many styles of Dragon. The journey of life is also traversing the labyrinth with many surprises and dangers. Of not knowing what is around the next bend. The Labyrinth Symbolises both the discovery of ones hidden spiritual centre and the ascent from darkness to light. The Journey always is a challenge to accept all opportunities to learn and grow.

Travel in Hope, Faith
 Strive, Stumble, Fall, Always Grow: 
Tempered Spirit

Art Work Title: "Balance" (click on image to enlarge)

Artist Statement: Carl G Jung believed that most people were not completely self realised. That some aspects of their personality were emphasised and other aspects ignored or hidden. That the first step for a man to be balanced and complete was to acknowledge his feminine aspect and the reverse for a woman. That with effort an individual could become conscious of their true self. It is my belief that a spiritual transformation is also necessary. That to place yourself as the centre of the universe can lead to great mischief. Therefore an acknowledgement of the individuals relationship with the Divine, and so his correct place, is of absolute necessity for the true self to also become sacred. Thus a fully effective human being. Find who you are and live in acceptance of this. Find your inner balance. Find your correct place in the universe.

Humble and Transformed 
Aware, Committed, Willing: 
True Sacred Self Stands

Robert Bruce Mathews (1956 - 2014)
Bob's dream was to help heal the pain he saw in the world,
and he hoped to do this through his Art.
These images along with artist statements and
certificate of authenticity are available for purchase.
They are presented on 240gm, high quality, archival, artist paper.
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Art by Robert Mathews (Bob)


Praying Mantis Sketch

This is a quick sketch of a praying mantid. It was created in memory of Phylis, a mantid that George & Carla had the honor of looking after. Saddly Phylis died after laying her egg cases. With luck George will be blessed with heaps of mini phylis's soon.
This image isn't of Phylis (from the USA), It is one of the mantids from my own yard in Australia. It is because of a painting I previously did of this mantid that George introduced himself and shared his excitement about Phylis. So I thought it a fitting gesture to create another small image of my mantid.


frog -metaphor

left click image to see it larger.
I finished my "I Hear Voices" image yesterday. This is the latest contemporary painting / artwork by Hexagonal Mandala. The size is approx 12x16 inches on archival artist paper. My winged frog takes its place among a lush garden. I am pleased with the results of reds and greens working so well. The original poetry will accompany the image in the form of a printed artist statement. The original poem and explaination is on my previous upload.


Winged Frog

My newest painting titled "I Hear Voices". This is a hand-painted digital artwork, copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2009. It is based on an original poem I wrote about two variations of song for healing & prayer. It unites the deep earthy, soothing vibrations of the shaman with the melodious, angelic breath of the priest.

The frog is known for its metamorphic ability and is a symbol of adaptability and change. It is a creature sensitive to the poisons in its environment. The wings are associated with flight and are a symbol of our connection to the heavens, of the human soul.

I often paint nature illustrations of frogs and birds, usually in a hope that they will inspire people to look around them and appreciate the fragility and beauty of nature. In this image the morphed character serves as three different metaphors.

* The artist self portrait. Where her life is seen as constant growth and change, morphing from timid child, to rebellious teen, to passionate artist, then wife & lover, to mother and carer. I see a new change soon as I'm getting older and my children are now in their teens. The wings have always appeared throughout the past 20 years in my self portraits. Originally they appeared in my art as an unobtainable hope of escapism. They still represent a potential freedom, but have changed in nature over the years.

* The Shaman and Priest are represented using the frog and wings. An easy association.

* The frog because of its sensitivity to toxics and its threat of extinction can be associated with mankind itself and the effects of sin that poison our lives. The wings represent our soul, the non perishing aspect of our selves. The wings have an association with freedom, escape and hope.

guttural vibrations
resonating through human flesh,
enveloping & soothing the soul
binding the wounds of life.
personification of angel breath
lowers protective shields,
washing over tainted senses
in a promise of acceptance.