Praying Mantis Sketch

This is a quick sketch of a praying mantid. It was created in memory of Phylis, a mantid that George & Carla had the honor of looking after. Saddly Phylis died after laying her egg cases. With luck George will be blessed with heaps of mini phylis's soon.
This image isn't of Phylis (from the USA), It is one of the mantids from my own yard in Australia. It is because of a painting I previously did of this mantid that George introduced himself and shared his excitement about Phylis. So I thought it a fitting gesture to create another small image of my mantid.

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KinggeorgeIII said...

Dearest Di,

Thank you for the kind words and the artwork which will forever instill the legacy of Phylis.

When Carla read what you have written, she began to cry.

We look forward to the day all five of Phylis's egg cases hatch. We have established individual habitats to raise her young. Many of our closest friends will be aiding us in this quest.

We never expected such great pleasures in watching Phylis in her world, and can not wait to display your artwork in her memory.

God Bless to you,

George and Carla

From the Great State of Idaho
in the USA.