Owl ACEO Art

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Two owl ACEO (artist original collector cards). Created by digital painting with electronic pen. Each card measures 2.5x3.5 inch. Painted by Di Mathews aka Diavma. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2010.


Australian Bush Rat - Rattus fuscipes

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Australian Bush Rat - Rattus fuscipes (aka Bogul). These are painted portraits of a resident of our yard, we have had a breeding pair for a few years. While they have had residence in tunnels under our tadpole pond we have not had any mice or rats come into our house. Prior to these we would get rodents come in off the nearby farms, gnawing their way through our house each winter. We place bird seed out for them every night. And just on dusk we get to see them scamper out of the bushes with their latest batch of youngens for a feed.

These Hexagonal Mandala images are approx 12x16inches on 100% cotton archival artist paper.

More info on Bush rats


Australian Tree Frog artwork

Title: Northern River Frog
Title: Green Tree Frog
Title: Bleating Tree Frog
Title: Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Title: Southern Bell Tree Frog

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Each of these Australian frog artwork images is from a series of Frog illustrations by Australian contemporary artist Di Mathews aka Diavma. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2010. The frog artwork is created by digital painting directly onto a computer using a pressure sensitive electronic pen and a digital drawing board. The resulting artwork is available on 240gm, 100% cotton, acid free, archival artist paper.


3D digital art - Original botanical studies

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Artworks of floral arrangements need to capture the life within the subject matter. They lend themselves to fluid line, organic shape and a wonderful selection of colour. All of the frangipani, roses and native Aussie banksia, gum tree and wattle featured in this series are modelled from live specimens. Attention is paid to the structure of the blooms and how they grow. These 3 images are from a series of digitally produced artworks on the theme of the botanical studies. They are all sculpted by myself in virtual 3D space. To do this, points and changes in direction of surface planes are plotted in 3D virtual space within the computer, creating a 3D representation of the blooms structure that can be rotated and viewed from any angle within the computer. A combination of photographic and hand painted textures are applied to surface of these constructed models. The textured models are then arranged in a composition with various surface qualities assigned to each of the parts. Lighting effects similar to a traditional photo-studio work are applied to these compositions which are then render as 2D images. The rendered images are often touched-up by hand prior to printing. These models used and the resulting images are originals by artist Di Mathews (aka - Diavma - Hexagonal Mandala). The images are subject to copyright. Printed archival images are available for purchase.


Quick Sketch of flight

Im still fascinated and challenged by the idea of capturing flight in an image. I've done a lot of observing and photographing, I guess the next step is to get some quick sketches done. This is the first attempt.