Australian Bush Rat - Rattus fuscipes

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Australian Bush Rat - Rattus fuscipes (aka Bogul). These are painted portraits of a resident of our yard, we have had a breeding pair for a few years. While they have had residence in tunnels under our tadpole pond we have not had any mice or rats come into our house. Prior to these we would get rodents come in off the nearby farms, gnawing their way through our house each winter. We place bird seed out for them every night. And just on dusk we get to see them scamper out of the bushes with their latest batch of youngens for a feed.

These Hexagonal Mandala images are approx 12x16inches on 100% cotton archival artist paper.

More info on Bush rats


Kaia Thomas - Sonora West Studios said...

I really love your paintings! I discovered Artrage last year and played with digital painting some. It's an amazing medium, really. Great job you two!

Stephany said...

I just saw these on ebay. I would of brought them both if I had the money, they are both lovely!

Beautiful artwork and nice to see some less common Australian animals in art. :)

Diavma said...

Thank you Stephany I appreciate the encouragment, They are always available if you decide you'd like them. Best wishes... Di