Australian Tree Frog artwork

Title: Northern River Frog
Title: Green Tree Frog
Title: Bleating Tree Frog
Title: Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Title: Southern Bell Tree Frog

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Each of these Australian frog artwork images is from a series of Frog illustrations by Australian contemporary artist Di Mathews aka Diavma. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2010. The frog artwork is created by digital painting directly onto a computer using a pressure sensitive electronic pen and a digital drawing board. The resulting artwork is available on 240gm, 100% cotton, acid free, archival artist paper.


Marlene said...

Love, love, love your frogs.

Anonymous said...

Really cool stuff. I love the color and the subject matter. I will put you blog on my favorites and keep watching for what comes next. I will have some more questions and comments but I am short of time at the moment.
Like your art.

Scott K