Frog Mandala Tessellation

This is a delightfully whimsical frog composition by Hexagonal Mandala, where the frogs are presented in a Mandala circle, whose archetypical symbolism, in creation, becomes spiritual and sacred.

The frogs appearing in this mandala are different shapes and sizes which fit together perfectly with each individual adapting to their surrounds and becoming part of a larger sense of order and existence. With their organic ochres and earthy colours they create an aura of calm natural harmony. The image is a reminder to you of your own personal strength and ability to change and grow with life experiences, and of the existence of your own creativity and power of adaptation to overcome difficulties. It is also an image that reminds you of the fragility of the planet and the wonder and magic of its creation, a reminder to find and enjoy the beauty of what surrounds you.

In the mythology of many cultures frogs are linked to cleansing, healing and creative powers. Their metamorphosis from tadpole to frog is often used to symbolise the awakening of ones creativity and recognising one's own power of adaptation. Frogs are naturally symbols of a peaceful, harmonious coexistence and interdependence with nature. Frogs because of this sensitivity serve as a strong lesson about our own interdependence within a fragile eco-system. Teaching a connection with the earth and everything on it.

Copyright of both mage and text belongs to Hexagonal Mandala Australia 2009. This image is available for sale as a print on high quality artist paper.


3D Botanical studies

Digital illustrations of botanical species by Hexagonal Mandala. Both of these images were creates from original 3D virtual sculpted models. I create each model directly into the computer based on live specimens from my garden. These are 2 from a series of 12 images. They show a coleus flower and geranium. Each image is printed on 11.5 x 16.5 inch high quality artist paper. If you wish to purchase from this series email me to view the set in its entirety. In each of these images the asymmetric composition is reminiscent of Japanese prints, creates a lively visual aesthetic. These images are clean and fresh like the nature illustrations of the 19th century. The open spaces of clean, fresh colour surrounding them creating a calm atmosphere.

Blue Fairy Wren Bird

This is a portrait by Hexagonal Mandala of an Australian male and female superb blue fairy wren (Scientific Name: Malurus cyaneus), which is also known as a Mormon wren, Gould’s blue wren and a long tailed superb warbler. The male in breeding plumage is easily recognised with his beautiful blue colour. Non-breeding males, females and juveniles are predominantly grey-brown, but females can be identified with a brown rather than black beak. I have a breeding male and 3 or 4 females or juveniles that regularly frequent my backyard. Often seen flitting around the tadpole pond, their lively hops and bounces are intriguing to watch. At the time of creating this image I have a pair that are showing great interest in a thick tangle of vines in our yard, this is the perfect area for nesting. During the day the female’s "peeet-peeet" sounds can be heard as her male franticly flitters close by. This Australian wildlife image is an original Hexagonal Mandala fine art, digital illustration approx 11x16 inch on high quality artist paper.


Miniature Drawings - SOLD

6 examples of little miniature art images (ACEO collector card size), that have sold before I had the chance to show them here. The top 4 are created using an ink pen, the bird chicks are using graphite. Quick fun sketches.

Snake drawing -ACEO

Not the type of creatures Ive voluntarily set out to locate in the wild so I decided to use book references for this picture.
Ive encountered a few snakes locally and they make me nervous.

The last snake that I came across was during our floods and I unknowingly got between it and the safety of the long grass.
I turned around when my son yelled at me, to see a black snake strike at my heal, luckily it just grazed my shoe.

The snake in this image is native to northern Queensland Australia and it is a constrictor rather than poisonous.

Now being a large lady, I guess the size of a constrictor that takes me down would need to be equivalent to those that horror movies are made of. But just the same Im happy to make lots of room for the tiniest of slitherers to pass by.

Image is Copyright RB & DA Mathews Soft Solutions - Hexagonal Mandala 2009.


Asiatic Moon Bear Portrait

This is an unusual image for me to create in that it is not a species native to my country nor one that I was familiar with.

It was created with the prompting of a customer whose passion lied in the right of asiatic bears.

The scientific name of the Asiatic Black Bear is Selenarctos thibetanus or Ursus thibetanus, meaning "moon bear of Tibet". It is also called a Tibetan black bear or a Himalayan black bear.

The bear's conservation status is considered threatened mainly by deforestation and habitat loss. This nocturnal omnivore became unpopular with farmers because he is a threat to livestock and has a habit of stripping bark from valuable timber trees, and locals fear his aggression in the wild. They were hunted for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Until the 1980s, when China outlawed the practice. Now bear bile is supplied to the industry by special farms. These farming practices are currently debated as cruel and inhumane because synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid is just as medicinally effective and cheaper.

This artwork shows an Asiatic bear free to roll in the grass. His soft, clean fur gleaming in the light while his innocent, youthful eyes create a romantic portrayal of the species.

Presented as an 11x16 inch image on high quality artist paper. Copyright belongs to Hexagonal Mandala.


Celtic Knot Patterns

What does an artist do as a break from making art??
I've been working on creating cross stitch patterns...
This is the 9th set in a series.

Why Celtic knots? what a silly question. It is fascinating to weave the threads under and over to create intricate patterns.

I have adverts for my designs at:
Celtic Cross Stitch Link