Asiatic Moon Bear Portrait

This is an unusual image for me to create in that it is not a species native to my country nor one that I was familiar with.

It was created with the prompting of a customer whose passion lied in the right of asiatic bears.

The scientific name of the Asiatic Black Bear is Selenarctos thibetanus or Ursus thibetanus, meaning "moon bear of Tibet". It is also called a Tibetan black bear or a Himalayan black bear.

The bear's conservation status is considered threatened mainly by deforestation and habitat loss. This nocturnal omnivore became unpopular with farmers because he is a threat to livestock and has a habit of stripping bark from valuable timber trees, and locals fear his aggression in the wild. They were hunted for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Until the 1980s, when China outlawed the practice. Now bear bile is supplied to the industry by special farms. These farming practices are currently debated as cruel and inhumane because synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid is just as medicinally effective and cheaper.

This artwork shows an Asiatic bear free to roll in the grass. His soft, clean fur gleaming in the light while his innocent, youthful eyes create a romantic portrayal of the species.

Presented as an 11x16 inch image on high quality artist paper. Copyright belongs to Hexagonal Mandala.

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