Snake drawing -ACEO

Not the type of creatures Ive voluntarily set out to locate in the wild so I decided to use book references for this picture.
Ive encountered a few snakes locally and they make me nervous.

The last snake that I came across was during our floods and I unknowingly got between it and the safety of the long grass.
I turned around when my son yelled at me, to see a black snake strike at my heal, luckily it just grazed my shoe.

The snake in this image is native to northern Queensland Australia and it is a constrictor rather than poisonous.

Now being a large lady, I guess the size of a constrictor that takes me down would need to be equivalent to those that horror movies are made of. But just the same Im happy to make lots of room for the tiniest of slitherers to pass by.

Image is Copyright RB & DA Mathews Soft Solutions - Hexagonal Mandala 2009.

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