Frog Mandala Tessellation

This is a delightfully whimsical frog composition by Hexagonal Mandala, where the frogs are presented in a Mandala circle, whose archetypical symbolism, in creation, becomes spiritual and sacred.

The frogs appearing in this mandala are different shapes and sizes which fit together perfectly with each individual adapting to their surrounds and becoming part of a larger sense of order and existence. With their organic ochres and earthy colours they create an aura of calm natural harmony. The image is a reminder to you of your own personal strength and ability to change and grow with life experiences, and of the existence of your own creativity and power of adaptation to overcome difficulties. It is also an image that reminds you of the fragility of the planet and the wonder and magic of its creation, a reminder to find and enjoy the beauty of what surrounds you.

In the mythology of many cultures frogs are linked to cleansing, healing and creative powers. Their metamorphosis from tadpole to frog is often used to symbolise the awakening of ones creativity and recognising one's own power of adaptation. Frogs are naturally symbols of a peaceful, harmonious coexistence and interdependence with nature. Frogs because of this sensitivity serve as a strong lesson about our own interdependence within a fragile eco-system. Teaching a connection with the earth and everything on it.

Copyright of both mage and text belongs to Hexagonal Mandala Australia 2009. This image is available for sale as a print on high quality artist paper.

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