Blue Fairy Wren Bird

This is a portrait by Hexagonal Mandala of an Australian male and female superb blue fairy wren (Scientific Name: Malurus cyaneus), which is also known as a Mormon wren, Gould’s blue wren and a long tailed superb warbler. The male in breeding plumage is easily recognised with his beautiful blue colour. Non-breeding males, females and juveniles are predominantly grey-brown, but females can be identified with a brown rather than black beak. I have a breeding male and 3 or 4 females or juveniles that regularly frequent my backyard. Often seen flitting around the tadpole pond, their lively hops and bounces are intriguing to watch. At the time of creating this image I have a pair that are showing great interest in a thick tangle of vines in our yard, this is the perfect area for nesting. During the day the female’s "peeet-peeet" sounds can be heard as her male franticly flitters close by. This Australian wildlife image is an original Hexagonal Mandala fine art, digital illustration approx 11x16 inch on high quality artist paper.

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