Urban Tree Of Life - mandala

My newest image, completed today.
Titled "Urban Tree Of Life - Mandala",
by contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews.
Copyright Hexagonal Mandala 2009.

The image shows a tree of life, whose branches and roots take on a Celtic knotted design which protectively encircling the bird. Knots are symbolic of linked connection to protective powers and their woven tangles are inspired by the idea of co-dependence in maintaining healthy eco-systems. This is further emphasised with the introduction of different insect forms within a small area. The choice of wildlife depicted represents the typical urban backyard, a place where you can encourage a bit of your own wildlife. A bird features as the central character. Birds are often associated with heavenly beings, representing the grace, beauty and freedom that many find unobtainable, while symbolising an emotional and spiritual goal. The interesting choice of black bird or raven is shown because it is often symbolic of death, a reminder that within this small urban confine that YOU have a responsibility. At the top is the day and night while at the bottom the land displays fertile and barren.


Cryztalvisions said...

This is a wonderful piece on so many levels. The symbolism speaks volumes. Your attention to detail (the work on the Raven's feathers) is fabulous!

Marg said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! xoxox Marg

Littleironhorse said...

Wow jusat amazing!