giant FLY - miniature ART

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"Why on earth is she painting flies?"
"If you've seen one fly you've seen them all!"
I read somewhere that there are hundreds of species of flies. I have personally noticed that the more you look the more colours and varieties you start to see. The little black house flies as art subjects do get a bit boring but if you go out into the long grass in summer you can find some pretty metallic colours. Aussie native flies don't like to come indoors, from what I've read they are the ones that go crazy at the windows trying to get back outside. Flies are an important ingredient in the ecology food chain, and I reckon they make pretty impressive miniature art works. These are all ACEO's (Art Collector Cards measuring 2.5x3.5 inches). Hhhhmmm can you still refer to them as miniature when the subject matter is actually painted a few hundred times larger than the physical object.

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