Spider Art - Wolf Spider in Progress

This is a portrait of a Wolf Spider. His patterns and colours allowing him to camouflage into his natural environment. Often a large spider it is not considered dangerous to man. It is one of the most common species of spider.

This nature artwork is available through Hexagonal Mandala. It was created as a digital art work, produced directly onto a computer using a pressure sensitive pen and digital drawing tablet. The finished art is sold as an A3 archival print on high quality artist paper. It is a lovely example of Contemporary Art and Australian Wildlife Portraiture.

The techniques for creating this using a digital media were similar to those of using more traditional materials. The drawing's detail was gradually built-up by layering scribbles of colour and tonal variations to produce a detailed surface texture.

I have uploaded a few images that were saved during the making of the wolf spider to show its development. Perhaps you will find them interesting.

Left click the image below to see it full size.

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