Frog - Miniature Ink Drawings

Occasionally it is nice to revert back to pen and paper drawings. These are two out of a handful of drawings I did tonight.

They show two of the frogs that frequent my yard. The first is an Australian green tree frog on the fence, the other is a common brown tree frog on a bamboo wind chime that hangs outside among the vines. This is a favourite feeding spot as the chime is positioned under a fluorescent light that attracts insect.

The drawings are only small ACEO size, which are the size of baseball trading cards 3.5 x 2.5 inches each. The drawings are similarly styled to how I used to create lino prints, perhaps they will eventually be the beginnings of larger works. I enjoy line work and the challenges it presents. I'm thinking that a larger scale and adding colour could create some lovely bold results.

But for now they are tiny initial sketches and I will be selling them as original art collector cards on eBay as soon as I get around to uploading them.

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