FROG - Brown Tree Frog

Justify FullThis artwork was hand drawn/painted by Di Mathews directly onto a computer using an electronic pen and digital drawing board.
It shows one of the small brown tree frogs that frequent my back yard. Unsure of the viewer it sits coiled ready to spring. Its animated pose adds tension to the image, while the muscle tone and underlying physical structures adds to the realism.
In the mythology of many cultures frogs are linked to cleansing, healing and creative powers. The change from egg to tadpole then metamorphosis to frog is often used to symbolise the awakening of ones creativity and recognising one's own power of adaptation. A frog is a symbolic reminder of our own ability to grow and mature when faced with difficult situations. A strong frog population is an indication of a healthy ecology due to their sensitivity to changes and toxins in their environment. Frogs therefore are naturally symbols of a peaceful, harmonious coexistence and interdependence with nature. Frogs because of this sensitivity serve as a strong lesson about our own interdependence within a fragile eco-system. Teaching a connection with the earth and everything on it. Sadly numbers of frogs now seem to be dwindling.

Folk wisdom tells that dreaming of a frog means
good fortune, happiness and great friendships.
May your dreams be filled with frogs...

This image is part of a series of frog illustrations, species common to where I live. It is available for sale as a print on high quality artist paper.

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