Australian bush dreaming ART

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The Australian environment offers artistic potential for exploration of exciting textures and colours.

When I enter the bush I tend to be on the lookout for insect species or new plants or exciting textures to photograph, so I wanted to create Australian landscape artworks that reflected my personal experiences.

Rather than recreate the local scenery I wanted to express an intimate approach to nature. I attempted to create artistic abstracts that remain fresh and alive capturing the essence of the lush bushland of the east coast. The detailed suggestions of texture echoing the dappled light that sneaks through the canopy of the eucalypt forest in the Australian bush. Each artwork in the series contains Australian insects camouflaging themselves within the abstractions of colour and light.

The title of the series is "Bush Dreaming"
These images are 4 out of a series of 9 that I have just completed. They are examples of digital landscape art by Australian contemporary artist Di Mathews, aka Diavma. Copyright belongs at all times to Hexagonal Mandala 2010. They are currently available for sale on 100% cotton, archival, acid free paper, size 16x12 inch = 30x42cm.

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