Frangipani Dragonfly Artwork

This is a 3D digitally rendered artwork by Australian contemporary artist Di Mathews aka Diavma. Copyright Hexagonal Mandala. This art image is a botanical study of frangipani blooms and an insect illustration.

The Plumeria is a West Indian plant, also known as a Frangipani, which is named after the inventor Marquis Frangipani. As a child My bedroom window overlooked two frangipani trees (a white and pink variety). Then when I married and moved into my new home I took a cutting from each tree and planted them in our garden. They now tower over our front rooms offering shade relief in the hot Australian summer mornings. During the day they are often filled with sparrows flitting around after insects, and at night they often host big green tree frogs. I've noticed it is the time of year to spot dragonfly again. The image shows a mature dragonfly at rest, with its wings typically dropped down flat. They have 4 wings that more as independent pairs. Walking though the grasses at the edge of the quiet sports field in the evening sees dragonflies take flight for safer branches. Their huge eyes seeing up to 5 or 6 meters away. Their bodies are strong and streamlined for flight.

Majestic presence
Weighted wings in breezeless calm
metallic flight machine

Rise and hover still,
suspended hangs above me
eyes unblinking stare

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