Australian Rainbow Lorrikeet Parrots - Painting

(click image to enlarge)  Digital illustration / artwork of Australian birds, Rainbow Lorikeet Parrots by contemporary artist Diavma (Di Mathews) of Hexagonal Mandala. This art image is created by painting directly onto the computer using a pressure sensitive pen and an electronic drawing tablet.  The image is then printed on 11.5 x 16.5 inch high quality artist paper. These prints are the artists signed and numbered originals created within the artist's studio.

This is a wildlife illustration of Rainbow Lorries.
Where I live at dusk they flock to the large trees in the car parks of the local supermarkets. Hundreds of these birds squawking and making a raucous .

If you wish to purchase this artwork, email me. The image is part of a larger series of Australian birds.

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