Australian Pelican Painting

Digital illustration / artwork of an Australian bird, a Pelican by contemporary artist Diavma (Di Mathews) of Hexagonal Mandala. This art image is created by painting directly onto the computer using a pressure sensitive pen and an electronic drawing tablet.  The image is then printed on 11.5 x 16.5 inch high quality artist paper. These prints are the artists signed and numbered originals created within the artist's studio. If you wish to purchase, email me. The image is part of a larger series of Australian birds.

This is a portrait of an Australian pelican (Scientific Name: Pelecanus conspicillatus) which is one of the eight species of pelican in the world. These birds are huge with a wing span of two meters and weighing up to eight kilograms. The male and female look similar with the female being slightly smaller. The pouch under their beak can hold up to fifteen litres of water and is used to scoop fish from the water, the slightly opened bill is then tilted to drain the water away, trapping the fish. The beginning of breeding season will see the front area of this pouch go bright red. 

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